Bluetooth Smart Key Finder

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New designed iTrack Motion key finder has added motion alert function that the Tracker and phone will beep when Trackers is moved. Keep an eye on your luggage, jewel box, baby carriage. Just Long press the key finder button can make your phone ring with Bidirectional Find Function - even on silent! 

See it on a map, uses Bluetooth to tell if you are near or far. Mobile app remembers the last time and place it saw your iTrack Motion, so if you left it somewhere, you’ll always know where to look. Connect device through Bluetooth. Use App to find your Item fast, easily loops onto key chains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose. Effective range: 32-50ft indoor; 50-80ft outdoor. The Sound is 3 times louder than others.  The Battery is included in the device and it is replaceable. Low-power consumption result in 12-18 months lifetime. You can use our pick tool to open the device to replace the battery. The key finder button can be used as a selfie remote.