Manual Vegetable Cutter

Save 75%

Excellent Slicer with 3 Rotary Blades: This excellent vegetable slicer helps you to cut various fruits and vegetables easily within a matter of seconds. It features 3 different type of stainless steel blades, great for slicing, grating & shredding. Follow the instructions to install the spiral vegetable slicer. Cleaning this vegetable slicer machine is also quick and convenient. Simply rinse the drum with running water. The suction cup at the bottom makes it possible for the slicer to be fixed on any flat surface stably. Your hands are safe during the entire process as you don’t need to touch any sharp knives directly. The Manual Vegetable Cutter is convenient to use in any occasion, even you go hiking and camping. It’s a perfect gift for your families and friends. They will definitely like this cooking companion!