Phone Mount Clear Shower Curtain Liner

Save 50%

  • Ever wondered if there was a way to liven up your shower routine? Now you can watch, play with or listen to your smartphone or tablet in the shower. Even allows for use of your on-device camera(s). With multiple phone and tablet-sized pockets on outside to hold your device. Pockets at different height levels to accommodate both adults and children. Watch movies, play games, listen to music, read the news. Stay connected.
  • Simply install the shower curtain liner with pockets facing the OUTSIDE of your shower, and slide the device(s) right in. Our liner includes hooks to promote easy installation. Can be used on the inside of your favorite shower curtain.
  • Eco-friendly 100% EVA shower curtain liner. This chloride free and mildew resistant curtain comes with weighted magnets to help keep the curtain liner-- and your devices-- in place.With magnets. Utilizes a reinforced mesh strap with rust-free metal grommets. Liner measure 72 in x 72 in
  • Safely holds iOS and Android smartphone as well as iOS and Android tablets, when properly installed.