Portable Selfie Stick Phone Case

Save 50%

  • THE ULTIMATE iPHONE CASE: Enjoy this 3 in 1, high quality & innovative iPhone case featuring everything in one clever design: PHONE CASE, INTEGRATED SELFIE STICK with telescopic slider, INTEGRATED KICKSTAND for horizontal & vertical positioning
  • ALL INCLUSIVE: No need to carry an external shutter. This case has Integrated BLUETOOTH BUTTON & integrated charging socket at end of the selfie stick right there in the case. Simply sync with your phone. Snap pictures and videos just like you would with an external selfie stick.
  • Available for iPhones 7 and 8 (Please note for iPhone 6 the case will cover part of the lens which might affect non-selfie photo taking)
  • NO EXTRA ACCESSORIES TO CARRY. This ingenious set is the all-in-one case with an attached selfie stick and stand. The stick has an accordion telescoping action that lets it quickly extend to 22 inches, then just as quickly collapse back into the case. You will find you use this case and features every day. Your social media friends are going to be impressed!