Prawn Peeler

Save 50%

  • Materials: The tool is made of stainless steel. It is very durable and not easy to get rusty. It is also safe for use.
  • Dimensions: The tool is 20.9cm long and weighs 46.5g. It is ideal for medium-sized or small-sized shrimps/prawns . One pack has 3 pieces.
  • Usage: To peel prawns/shrimps, firstly remove the head. Then hold the handle of the peeler and insert the sharp tip of the tool from the body slowly to the tail of the shrimps/prawns. Finally press the handle of the tool to easily separate the shell from shrimps/prawns. *The tool is ideal for cooked shrimps/prawns.
  • Comfort ability: Ordinary methods for peeling and deceiving shrimps/prawns are time-consuming and troublesome. Sometimes, we may even get hurt by the sharp end of shell and head. With the help of the tool, it reduces the risk of hurting ourselves while preparing nice food with shrimps/prawns. It also saves time when we prepare a big dish of shrimps/prawns.